Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The New Bedford High School - Schematic Design - Scheme 2

This scheme is similar to scheme one, with 2 and 3-4 storey components that accommodate the natural grades on the east side of the site. The upper (two story) portion of the building features the community centre and gymnasiums, while the lower 3 and 4 story portions feature the cafetorium, library, tech-ed and some academic spaces. 
The most dramatic aspect of this school is the glazed, 3 storey high central space, occupied primarily by the cafetorium and Library. This space represents a link or bridge between the upper and lower portions of the school...a transparent portal through the building to the wooded portions of the site to the south. The classrooms are organized along a simple spine on the south side of the 2nd floor, undulating in and out to form collaborative learning spaces or pods for each group of 2 classrooms.
This scheme has been organized with a very modern approach. Clear and simple circulation patterns and strong rhythmic positioning of elements on both the north and south sides of the composition. This scheme  proudly differentiates itself from the site by virtue of this deliberate and tightly organized composition.

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